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Aight so.. Life sux..i hate it..every last second of it..i have… - The deeper you stick it in your vein [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 1st, 2004|05:13 pm]
Aight so..
Life sux..i hate it..every last second of it..i have alreay typed a whole entire entry but...for some reason..it all erased so..ima try again..today i went to skewl..i didnt want to but..i did..got there and waited all morning for chelsea to get tehre cause i really needed to talk to her..she didnt show up..the i got told all this stuff about how she has transferred skewls and all this other junk which really confused me cause..she never said anything to me about it..i go to first block..it was aight..i had a massive head ache and it didnt seem to want to go away..then..i go to break..im just standing there when all of a sudden everyone starts running to the jrotc building cause apparently 2 chix were gonna fight.but..besides that..this guy comes jumpin off the steps by the break room ..slamming in to me and kncking me to the ground..he basiclly hit on top of me and i smacked my knee on the ground..which sux cause im out of my medicine for my knees as it is..so he keeps goin and instead of..sorry...he says.."move out the way boi" then runs off...i was irritated but..i didnt care..i stood there for the rest of break..i had all sorts of people standing beside me but..i felt alone..as i seem to always feel now :-\..we go on to 2nd block and stephanie decides to start with the "dyke bitch" shit again..i got pissed and said look my fuking name is CHELSEA ok..its not that fukin hard..rainbow is aight..skittles is kewl but..dyke bitch..come on..then she starts goin off on me and of course..i let my temper get the best and ..i went off on her..i dont think very many people noticed that we were fightin so..that was good..but yea i was pissed..i realized she was pretty immatture a ling time ago but..now..i just had to say something since apparentlly no one else was..i go on to the beginning of 3rd and i did a review then..i went to lunch..stephanie and all my other "friends" start yellin stuff bout the "dyke bitch" ..also known as..me..she goes on and on and on just loud enough to where the people around the 2 tables we were at could hear her..people are laughing..im turning red..i wanted to crawl into the corner..i realize i shouldnt let it get to me but i mean seriously,..my day was bad enough as it is and then this?!..i wanted to mouth back but..it is pointless..it was just a waste of time..i wanted to cry so fuking bad..i tried my best not to..i know its pathetic but its like everything is all pilling on top of each other..and i didnt want everyone at the table to see the tears forming in my eyes so..i just layed my head down..i go on to the rest of 3rd and didnt say a word to anyone..i sat there and drew the entire time..the bell rings and i go to 4th..it was aight..i didnt really say much of anything to anyone and..my head ache was getting worse..i had to stay after skewl today for grad exam tutoring in math and got out at about 5 sumthin n now..im here so yea.that was my day..i hope everyone elses went better than mine... < 3 u guyz..peace

i talked to garett today

.....he's pretty kewl..

his friends are great....

random~ness is the shit

[User Picture]From: spikiez
2004-11-01 07:25 pm (UTC)
-hugs u-
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-11-02 02:32 pm (UTC)
i wanna kick stephanie in the teeth.

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