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The deeper you stick it in your vein

The deeper the thoughts, there's no more pain

8 July
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*Tell them what your hands were made for,Tell them who your mouth was made for*

~*~ I'm Chel~C..im 17..i just recentlly moved to Alabama ..im readi to go back to texas . aight
well lets get one thing str8..im not!..i wear my colors proud..im gay n i dont care if you know it..my parents are homophobes and life blows...i have:blonde hair,glasses,5"6,blue eyes i am far more mature than your average 17 year old but i am also a smart ass at times.i love my puppy dog..stich is my life :p

Please mamma can't you see I've always tried to please I
wore ribbons and jewelry and makeup and dresses down to my knees You said that it's a
phase, just something I'd out grow But I've got a girlfriend and she's got a lawn that
I'd sure like to mow Go on and wish that Brad Pitt would come along But I prefer Madonna
in a lacy thong Cause I'm a lesbian I don't like nothin' swinging 'tween their
legs Ya, I'm a lesbian I don't know why God gave me eggs When I have sex it's funny
clean And no man can jump inbetween No, I don't need no magic wand I'm a
lesbian They talk behind my back and critized my life But I get no complaints from Lou
Diamond Phillips' wife Cause I'm a lesbian I'd rather be with Jane than Dick Ya, I'm
a lesbian A penis doesn't do the trick When we go in for 69, I know hers is the same
as mine Hide your wives cause here I come I'm a lesbian I'm a lesbian When does
cheerleading practice start? Hey there cutie.